hubiC allows me to travel lighter on business trips

Julian travels all over the world for his job. He works in IT as a banking information systems specialist. He’s currently based in Singapore, but in 6 months time he will be heading off for a business trip in Ireland, before packing his bags once again for South America…

As he doesn’t have a permanent address, Julian has got used to having very few material belongings. When he buys books, films or music, he always opts for the electronic version.

He’s also done away with useless paperwork – bills, rental and insurance receipts – by choosing to do his admin online. But as a result, he’s managed to accumulate enough data over time to saturate his computer’s hard drive. He needed more space, but as he refused to buy an external hard drive for the hassle of having to take it with him everywhere, Julian looked into cloud storage.

He chose hubiC as it acts as an online hard drive

He chose hubiC as it acts as an online hard drive. He started with the                                                                            , and as he began to store more and more data, he upgraded to a 100 GB account. As hubiC replicates his data 3 times in 3 separate datacentres, his data is more secure stored in hubiC than it would be on his own computer.

This is why Julian chose to store certain large files only in hubiC. This way he could free up some space on his laptop, which has been much quicker ever since!